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YD-STS Series Full Servo Rotary Screen Printing Machine
YD-STS Series Full Servo Rotary Screen Printing Machine
The machines in this series can be adapted to 2-8 colours and 360° CNC printing
Integration of automatic loading/unloading, visual positioning, electrostatic dust removal, flame treatment, screen printing, LED UV and other line functions, optional online visual inspection, hot stamping, thermal transfer, labelling, pad printing and other functional modules
Automatic bottle feeding unscrambler and bottle packing system can be added to complete the fully automated production

Product Details

   YD-STS Series Full Servo Rotary Screen Printing Machine

1. One-time clamping of the object to continuously complete the positioning, pre-press processing, printing, UV curing, hot stamping, labelling, visual inspection and unloading of multiple processes, avoids scratches on the object surface caused by repetitive clamping and ensures maximum overprint accuracy and high yield.

2. LED UV curing system ensures environmental protection and low energy consumption, and completely solves the problem of curing thin-walled products that are easily deformed by heat.

3. Easy to learn, quick to change the bottle type, greatly reducing the time of adjusting the machine.

4. Rotary structure design to minimise space occupation and reduce cleanroom costs.

5. Real-time monitoring of production status and automatic error reporting in case of machine failure.


Printing Product Size





Maximum Printing Area


Maximum Running Speed


UV & LED Lamp Power

UV: 7.5KW/Each; LED: 2.5KW/Each

Compressed Air Pressure Requirement


Power Requirement

380V 3P 50Hz(Adaptable to different national or regional power supplies)

Machine models 
Printable colour
Maximum power 
Footprint of a machinery 
208 2 21KW 4ton 2.3m*2.4m
310 3 26KW 5ton 2.44m*2.65m
412 4 31KW 5.8ton 2.8m*2.95m
516 5 41KW 7.5ton 3.4m*3.5m
616 6 45.5KW 8ton 3.4m*3.5m
718 7 55KW 8.6ton 3.76m*3.91m
818 8 56.5KW 8.6ton 3.76m*3.91m

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